The First Using Zend Framework 2 Book Review Received!

To improve visibility of my book, Using Zend Framework 2, I asked Richard Holloway to provide a brief review of the book.

Richard Holloway is an organiser of PHP Hampshire [ ], which is a recognised PHP user group. They have monthly meetups in Portsmouth in the South of England. I also impressed with Richard’s blog.

 For this review, I provided Richard with a free copy of the book PDF.

Its a great pleasure for me that today Richard has finished his review, and made it available in his personal blog. I’m sure this review will help to better understand the needs of ZF2 developers and improve my book in that direction.

Here is a short excerpt from Richard’s review:

While “Using Zend Framework 2” is still a work in progress, it is already a great resource for those unfamilar with the framework. It does a great job of including the information that other resources leave out. Many people struggle to get into Zend Framework 2 but this book does a good job of taking you over that initial steep learning curve and providing enough information to get you started on building websites.

The complete review is available by this link:

I would like to thank Richard for this review and would like to continue to cooperate with him in making learning of Zend Framework 2 easier.


I am a software developer currently living in Tomsk, Russia. I received a PhD degree in Computer Science from Tomsk Polytechnic University in 2010. I have been professionally developing C/C++ and PHP software since 2005. I like contributing to open-source and writing programming articles for popular web resources, like CodeProject. Besides writing, I love skiing and watching Formula-1.

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