About Oleg Krivtsov

Oleg Krivtsov is a software developer currently living in Tomsk, Russia. He received a PhD degree in Computer Science from Tomsk Polytechnic University in 2010. He has been professionally developing C/C++ and PHP software since 2005. Oleg likes contributing to open-source and writing programming articles for popular web resources, like CodeProject. Besides writing, he loves skiing and watching Formula-1.

You may be interested in Oleg’s other works:

Using Zend Framework 2 Book

The book “Using Zend Framework 2” is about programming modern web sites with PHP and Zend Framework 2 and closely related libraries like Doctrine and Twitter Bootstrap. Specially for readers of this blog, Oleg provides a discount. To obtain the book with a discount, use the BLOG10 coupon code.

logo250x135Oleg’s articles on CodeProject can be found here. Those articles are mostly dedicated to C/C++ programming (exception handling, crash reporting, etc.)


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