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Top Books about Zend Framework 3

In this post I want to provide a collection of books on Zend Framework 3 with their brief descriptions, advantages/disadvantages. This list is not yet complete, because ZF3 was released not so long ago, and more books will be released later. I plan to update this list once I discover a new ZF3 book. OK, let’s go!

1. Using Zend Framewrork 3 by Oleg Krivtsov (For beginners, Free)

Using Zend Framework 3 is a free and open-source book about the new version of Zend Framework. This book has a lot of code samples (hosted on GitHub) and is positioned as a book for beginners. Simple things go first in a chapter, which makes it easier to read this book for newbies. This book covers most important ZF3 usage topics like: main ZF3 components, MVC design pattern, what is service manager, how to use forms, how to manage database. This book is closely related with such third-party libraries as Doctrine ORM and Twitter Bootstrap.

2. Web Development with Zend Framework 3 by Michael Romer (A work in progress)

This is a new edition of the Web Development with Zend Framework series by Michael Romer. This book’s goal is to make it easier for you to get started with ZF3. This book is currently a work in progress.



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A Fun PHP Wallpaper

php wallpaper1

A funny collection of PHP-related wallpapers: http://phpdancer.blogspot.ru/p/php-wallpapers.html

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Get Your PHP Elephant Toy


I’ve found this cool site where you can buy a PHP elephant of your choice. This may be a great gift for your collegue or friend.

The link: http://get-elephpant.com/

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Becoming a Zend Certified Engineer

This week I watched a webinar “Excellerate your career with Zend Certifications” about Zend Certification. The certification allows to get direct benefits to those who develop web sites with PHP/Zend Framework. Once you have certified, you are able to greatly increase your salary and get a competitive advantage when looking for a new job.

The testing is administered by Pearson VUE centers worldwide. You have 70 questions and 90 minutes to answer them. The goal of the test is to ensure you know the minimum required basics in PHP or Zend Framework. You don’t need to memorize all the PHP documentation (or Zend Framework reference guide), instead, you need to know how code works and what output to expect for certain input. 

Once you submit the answers, you immedieatelly get the results (either you passed the test, or not). As you pass the test, you become a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE). This title is given for life, and you don’t need to renew it. With the ZCE title, you also get some nice things, such as a “perpetual” copy of Zend Studio IDE, an ability to use the  “Zend Certified Engineer” logo in your CV or resume and a ZCE sticker to put on your laptop 🙂

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Get a Cool PHP T-Shirt from Zazzle

I found interesting t-shirts and mugs for people who likes PHP. Those can be purchased from Zazzle (look above for an example).

The link: http://www.zazzle.com/php+gifts

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